Kussquartett and friends




Much too often, the arts tend to avoid direct contact with each other. Not at the Hitzacker Summer Festival!
In the spirit of our “Space.Time” motto, the opening concert brings the spoken word, the art of the dance and music together, effortlessly creating a mental painting. The Kuss@Kokon project, which is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, links the creativity of eight artists and director Daniel Finkernagel. In individual components and historical echoes of the likes of Mendelssohn, time in the concert hall seems to drift away. Enno Poppe’s work “Free Time” is on the program and a work by Óscar Escudero – "POST for string quartet, audience with a concert programme and electronics" – is scheduled to premiere.

Duration: approx. 70 minutes, no interval

▼ TEAM ▼

Kuss Quartett – Concept, String Quartet
Bas Böttcher – Slam Poetry
Yui Kawaguchi – Performance Direction, Choreography, Dance
Ruben Reniers – Choreography, Dance
Johannes Fischer – Percussion and Composition
Óscar Escudero – Electronics
Fabian Bleisch-Light, Technic

 Trailer: Magdaleba Zieba-Schwind


- PREMIERE in Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker
July 30th 2022