Immersive performance in Cisternerne

Multiple Realities by Chiraru Shiota

(c)Palle Bo Nielsen



An underground performance created especially for Chiharu Shiota’s exhibition Multiple Realities in Cisternernes unconventional exhibition space. Japanese-born dancer and choreographer Yui Kawaguchi interprets Chiharu’s dreamlike universe in close dialogue with Czech musician Anna Fusek. The audience is led through the exhibition on winding walkways over the shining water mirror, where Yui Kawaguchi’s sharp silhouette alternately spins in the air, wanders in the water, and interacts choreographically with Chiharu Shiota’s autobiographical total installation. Yui Kawaguchi and Anna Fusek are inspired by Chiharu Shiota’s work on the human body and consciousness, where rotating dresses and geometric shapes float in the air, creating an intrusive presence in the empty chambers. Yui Kawaguchi uses water and darkness in her performance, which together with the reflections, shadows and vibrations of the space help to question our own perception of reality. Performer Yui Kawaguchi has worked with Chiharu Shiota on several occasions and is familiar with Shiota’s artistic universe and personal journey towards becoming a renowned world artist. A very special experience awaits this evening in Cisternerne, where architecture, contemporary art and dance merge into a total experience.

▼ TEAM ▼

Dance: Yui Kawaguchi
Music: Anna Fusek


14 Jun 2022 20-21

Cisternerne i Søndermarken
across from Frederiksberg Castle, 2000 Frederiksberg  

Art Week 2022 programme for Cisternerne