HEREing Loss

Can you hear me? - It's "I".

"HEREing Loss - My Hatching Place" is an avant-garde reconstruction of today's rapidly evolving 'faceless' communication, using sound design with transistor radios and ultrasonic speakers, video and dance, and involving the audience on stage.

It is not a 'theatre' but a quiet 'refuge.' The dream that the audience sees as they lie down in their white sleeping bags continues until 'I' hatch... Is this body I see now surely mine? Where do the many eyes here lead to? And who is this whispering 'I'?"

Premiere 2008 Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse #1

concept, choreography, dance: Yui Kawaguchi
dance: Yael Schnell


concept, workshop&symposium: Kyosuke Sakakura 
concept, workshop&symposium, stage effects:  Junji Watanabe

sound: Masahiro Oba, Seiji Takiyama
assistant stage effects: Tomohiko Hayakawa

production: Namiko Hashizume (Office Lou)
prosuction cooperation: Satoko Suchi, Keiko Kawano, Shoko Umemura

produced by: Project HEREing Loss, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse#1
funded by: EU - Japan Fest Japan Comittee
supported by: Embassy of Israel, Kanagawa Shinbun, tvk, RF Radio Japan, F Yokohama, Yokohama Cable TV Comittee
cooperated by: Research Institute for Digital Media and Conten, Keio University