Yui Kawaguchi + Aki Takase

ACCENTO - Die Stadt im Klavier VI


"The City in the Piano" is a duo series conceived as a processual encounter between the Berlin dancer and choreographer Yui Kawaguchi and the jazz pianist and composer Aki Takase. Their collaboration is inspired by the shared experience of Japanese roots and the assimilation and appropriation of a new culture in a big German city. With "The City in the Piano", however, the internationally renowned artists lift the theme out of the concrete example and place it in a creative, utopian dialogue. Expressive variations on the relationships between urbanity, sound and movement are created. Diversely influenced by Asian as well as European, classical as well as contemporary forms of expression, both of them demand the flexibility of the languages of dance and music and push them into unexpected dimensions.

read more... Inspired by Takase's collaboration with Alexander Schlippenbach on 20 musical city collages, the first duo with composer/pianist and choreographer/dancer was created in 2008: "The City in the Piano I - Canon". Continuing with "Forte" in the same year, then "Tarantella" in 2009, "Chaconne" in 2011 and "Cadenza" in 2013, the sixth episode of "The City in the Piano - Accento", will have its world premiere on 16 December 2022 in the Kuppelhalle of the silent green Kulturquartier. Each episode of the series is thus based on its own musical form. In music, "Accento" means "to set an accent" and thus refers to the focus of the new episode. If accents change, e.g. due to radical events, people experience a change in the usual verbal and non-verbal dialogue and in the rhythm of encounters in public spaces. Adaptation is required, learning new things, planning and improvising to manage in everyday life.

In "The City in the Piano VI - Accento", the pianist and the dancer, each with their own forms of expression, take up various elements as "accents" that make urban life more dynamic or more uncomfortable. They leap over boundaries and unfold an impulsive, humorous and at the same time poetic dialogue. What is the rhythm that drives us to the wall? Where are our heads stuck right now? How do we manage to jump out of the situation?

But the city is even more than sound and movement, it is always also space. Narrow, wide, high, intricate space. For " The City in the Piano VI - Accento", Berlin artist Gabi Schillig explores the parallels between the structural elements of the piano and the city. She has designed a stage set and performative objects that set architectural accents in interaction with the body, piano and space. Also important is the venue, the octagonal domed hall of silent green in Berlin-Wedding, a flexible, open space that allows a dynamic interplay between installation and musical-dance performance. In the midst of the action, the audience experiences the various immersive dimensions of the city, constantly transforming like a living organism.

"Two cross-border commuters on a joint journey, on the way between the most different cultures and arts..." (Berliner Zeitung) .

concept, choreography, dance   Yui Kawaguchi
concept, composition, piano Aki Takase 
stage objects, performative architecture Gabi Schillig 
light, technic  Fabian Bleisch 
assistant Ayko Bleisch
production Rosi Ulrich
PR & publication k3 berlin

PREMIERE in Berlin

Fri. 16th December 20:00     Tickets▶

Sat. 17th December 20:00    Tickets▶

Sun. 18th December 18:00    Tickets▶

Kuppelhalle silent green Berlin
Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin | Tickets: 22€ / erm. 18€

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A production by Yui Kawaguch | MENDORA. Supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government for Culture and Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR. Photos: Georg Tuskany, Casanova Sorolla | Graphics: Gabi Schillig, Yui Kawaguchi