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Yui Kawaguchi, choreographer/performer, has studied Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and contemporary dance, acting and singing. She danced by (1998-2000) , Kota Yamazaki/Rosy, co (2000-2002) and Motoko Hirayama (2007), performing in Japan, the USA and Europe. She also has worked with film directors such as Makoto Tezuka, Yoshimasa Ishibashi.

She choreographed for the opening festival of East Asian Olympic 2001, and has also worked with music videos, TV-CF, films, concerts and fashion shows.
Between 2001- 2003, she worked as a choreographer and performer with the gmedia drive unit 66b/cell". Together with this multimedia performance group, she was engaged in developing the three-year project, "test-patches", which integrated composers, visual artists, system engineers with performers. The project was invited to perform at ARS Electronica (Linz), Seoul International Dance Festival and Japan Virtual Reality Conference, etc.

Since 2005, she works in Berlin. She performed by Ismael Ivo, Helena Waldmann, NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS, Michaela Lucenti and Tomi Paasonen, among others. Her own piece have featured at a number of festivals. In 2006 she received the Juryfs Prize at the Yokohama solo-duo competition.

In 2008 her Solo REM | Black Cat was presented in New National Theater Tokyo. Since 2008 she works in collaboration with Jazz pianist Aki Takase. She is also engaged in research project with a sociologist and a cognitive scientist. Together with them she developed the Audio-Dance-Performance "HEREing Loss" and gave workshop in Keio University, Japan.

She is the original cast of the successful cross over project "Flying Bachg, by Christoph Hagel and Flying Steps in New National Gallery Berlin, in which she choreographed contemporary part. This project won the "Echo Klassic Sonderpreis 2010". In May her new solo performance "andropolaroidg was premiered in Cologne and become awarded "Der Kölner Tanztheaterpreis 2010".

Interview in "Tanz" Magazine.

- awards/grant -
2013 Capital City Cultural Fonds Berlin 'Cadenza - Die Stadt im Klavier V'
2011 Capital City Cultural Fonds Berlin 'Bubble Boxing'
2010 Cologne Dance Prize 'andropolaroid'
2008 EU Japan Fest 'HEREing Loss- a place of my emergence'
2006 Yokohama solo x duo <compedition+> Jury Prize 'When an egg cracks...'

- workshop -
2013 'Heartbeat Picnic' IAMAS Ogaki Biennale
2013 'Art of Improvisation' Centrum Kultury Agora, Wroclow Poland
2011 'Heartbeat Picnic' The Museum of Osaka University
2010 'Heartbeat Picnic' 21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo
2008 'here and hear' (Keio University, Tokyo)
2007! 4th international dance exchange symposium

- exhibition -
2010 'Heartbeat Picnic' ARS Electronica OK center, Linz, Austria
2010 'Heartbeat Picnic' Poetry of Motion ARS Electronica Exhibition BREEZE BREEZE Osaka, Japan
2008 HEREing Loss - single room EDEN***** opening event

- journal papers in japanese -
2012 'Symbolgrounding of Life" Art meats care Vol.4,pp.20-2, 2012 PDFfile
Authors: Junji Watanabe, Kyosuke Sakakura, Yui Kawaguchi, Hideyuki Ando

2011 'Heartbeat Picnic : Worshop for Touching Hearbeats'
Virtual Reality Society of Japan Vol.16, No.3,pp,303-306,2011
Authors: Junji Watanabe, Yui Kawaguchi, Kyosuke Sakakura, Hideyuki Ando

2009 'Design Guidelines of "Workshop Here and Hear"'
Information Processing Society of Japan Vol.50,No.12, pp.2772-2781, 2009
Authors: Junji Watanabe, Yui Kawaguchi, Kyosuke Sakakura