Da Capo

Art proclaims man's right to exist.

– Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

People move about all over the world and cultures cross. Residents, travellers, strangers, people seeking freedom. The familiar alongside the new. Knowledge, understanding, misunderstanding. Things and people inexorably on the move - an endless kaleidoscopic reordering.

In "Da Capo" Yui Kawaguchi and Aki Takase address the feeling of being foreign and celebrate the clashing of cultures and art forms. Also along for the ride are French clarinettist Louis Sclavis, Berlin-based music producer and DJ Illvibe, and dancer Kofie da Vibe, originally from Ghana, whose body language combines hip hop, krump and African dance. On a musical level, jazz piano and new music meet folklore imaginaire, hip hop and electronic soundscapes. In dance, too, the encounter is between two bodies that have been shaped very differently, both culturally and stylistically.

A starting point for the performance was a visit to the exhibition "Auguste Rodin and Madame Hanako" in Berlin's Georg Kolbe Museum, which was devoted to the relationship between the famous French sculptor and the Japanese actress. At the beginning of the 20th century, when Europeans were developing an exaggerated fascination for all things foreign, Madame Hanako (1868-1945) set out for Europe and there inspired overwhelming admiration with the way she used her own body to create art. Even Rodin was enthralled by the force of her expression and sought to capture it in gruelling portrait sittings. An impressive series of expressive masks and busts of the "little Japanese lady" ("petite Hanako") came to be included in his late work.

"Da Capo" seeks to observe matters "from the head down" and understands the term as more than a musical invitation to repeat what has gone before. Equally, the piece takes a look at the five artists' own histories, at their innumerable encounters with different cultures and their diverse relationships with other art forms.

Why does otherness fascinate me so much?
How much do I understand of my counterpart?

Although the performance wins the audience over with its solo performances, the physical and tonal material remains malleable and open to the creative process. While cultural borders seem increasingly to dissolve into generalised gestures in times of worldwide interconnectedness, "Da Capo" searches for the fascination of cultural particularity in the personal encounter – and looks to share this with the audience without reservation.


Sat. 12. January 2019 - 20:45 (German premiere)
In the program of the Festival "made in Potsdam 2019"
fabrik Potsdam (Schiffbauergasse 10, 14467 Potsdam) > info

Premiere: Sat. 28. April 2018 - 18:00
in the program of the Festival "Bregenzer Frühling 2018"
Kunsthaus Bregenz (Karl-Tizian-Platz 45 / 6900 Bregenz Österreich)

Duration: about 60min

by and with :
Aki Takase (piano) Louis Sclavis (clarinet, bass clarinet)
DJ Illvive (Live DJ / Soundscapes) Kofie da Vibe (dance) Yui Kawaguchi (dance)

concept / artistic direction : Yui Kawaguchi

concept / musical direction : Aki Takase

light / technic : Fabian Bleisch

production management : Ilja Fontaine

musical production management : Constanze Schliebs


Yui Kawaguchi – Artistic Direction, Dance
Born in Japan. She started learning dance at 6years old. She danced in the companies of H.art.chaos, Kota Yamazaki/Rosy, co and Motoko Hirayama, performing in Japan, the USA and Europe. She choreographed for the opening festival of East Asian Olympics 2001. She worked as choreographer and dancer with the “media drive unit 66b/cell".
Since 2005 she works in Berlin. She performed in the companies of Ismael Ivo, Helena Waldmann, Nico and the Navigators, Michaela Lucenti, Darren Jonston and Tomi Paasonen, among others. Her own pieces have featured at a number of international festivals including New National Theatre Tokyo. In 2006 she received the Jury’s Prize at the Yokohama solo-duo competition. She belongs to the original casts of "Red Bull Flying Bach“, by Christoph Hagel and Flying Steps. The show awarded with “ECHO Klassik Sonderpreis 2010“ and is touring over 35 countries, has fascinated more than 500,000 people. 2010 her solo performance "andropolaroid“ won the Dance Price Cologne.
Since 2008 she is working in collaboration with jazz pianist Aki Takase. 2014 she premiered a piece with Japanese visual artist Yoshimasa Ishibashi, “MatchAtria”, touring in 16 cities in Europa and Asia. Together with Aki Takase, her latest piece „Da Capo“ searches for the fascination of cultural particularity in the personal encounter.

Aki Takase – Musical Diredtion, Piano www.akitakase.com
Born in Osaka she grew up in Tokio. She started learning piano at 3 years old and studied music at Tohogakuen University in Tokio. 1979 she staid several months in the USA. 1981 she performed for the first time at the Berlin Jazzfest in the Philharmonie with her trio. Many concerts and LPs with John Zorn, Lester Bowie, Joe Henderson, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen.
In the 90’s very successful duos with the singer Maria Joao, and with saxophonist David Murray. Also a trio with Reggie Workman and Rashied Ali, a duo with Alexander von Schlippenbach, and occasional projects with the Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. From 1997 til 1999 teaching at the Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ in Berlin. She got the award Kritikerpreis der Berliner Zeitung. Aki Takase got in 2002 the radio SWR Jazzpreis award. Further projects are the trio "LOK 03" with Alexander von Schlippenbach and DJ Illvibe, a new chamber ensemble "La Planète“ with Louis Sclavis, Dominique Pifarely and Vincent Courtois, duos with Rudi Mahall, Han Bennink, David Murray and Louis Sclavis. She was nominated 8 times for the Deutschen Schallplattenpreis.

Louis Sclavis – Clarinet, Bass clarinet
The French jazz musician performs on clarinet, bass clarinet, and soprano saxophone in a variety of contexts, including jazz and free jazz. He is noted for his creativity and lively sense of humor. Sclavis began his musical education at the Conservatoire de Lyon at age 9, where he studied clarinet. He began performing with the Lyon Workshop, where he met Michel Portal and Bernard Lubat. He then joined the Brotherhood of Breath of Chris McGregor, and later the Henri Texier Quartet. He began his work as a leader in 1985, with his debut album, Clarinettes. In Chine, his second album, the track "Duguesclin" actually became a surprise hit in France, due to its lively, middle-age inspiration. In 2005, he formed a trio with Henri Texier and Aldo Romano, the African Trio, which achieved considerable success, even outside of the French jazz community. In November 2006, at the Festival 'Écouter Voir' in Lyons, Sclavis first met the Quatuor Habanera, with whom he collaborated on their third album, L'engrenage (2007). 1988 Louis Sclavis got the Prix Django Reinhardt, an award fort the best jazzmusician of the year in France. 1990 he got the British Jazz Award and 1996 the Nationalen Music Award from the French Ministry of Culture.

DJ Illvibe – Live DJ / Soundscapes
Vincent von Schlippenbach aka DJ Illvibe was the DJ of the dancehall band Seeed (until 2005) and of the Berlin-based Hip-Hop-band Moabeat. Together with his father Alexander von Schlippenbach and Aki Takase he relased 2005 the LP Lok. 03. He started d-jaying when 15 Jahren in various Hip-Hop-venues. 1999 he joined the band Lychee Lassi. He also performed as Live-DJ with different bands (among others Das Department and nuBox, with whom he was invited in 2005 at the Jazzfestival in Frankfurt am Main). Curretly he works on different music projects in Berlin and as a DJ in Berlin clubs.

Kofie da Vibe – Dance
Kofie da Vibe aka KIDMADDRIPP born in Ghana/ West Africa is a young Hiphop and Krump dancer. He started dance when he was young of age, later on he was inspired of many legends and so started to share his passion internationaly and is also one of the pioneers of Krump in Europe. His crew Badnewz mp and Buckmanz are known as one of the famous groups in the World.
Kofie da Vibe was one of the first German dancers who represented Germany in the Urban dance scene and not to forget his krump carreer as the student of TIGHT EYEZ is now worldwide known in the dance community. He still inspires people with his talent and passion in the Urban dance scene and now has the biggest Krump event in the world, named European Bucksession, which is taking place every year in Germany and people all over the world come and share their passion.  


Artistic relationships in dance

Neue Vorarlberger Zeitung
29.4.2018 by Katharina von Glasenapp

Audiences at the Bregenz Spring Festival were able to enjoy the production "Da Capo", an intriguing collaboration between five hugely varied artists working in different fields. … Jazz, contemporary music, improvisations on the piano, clarinet and bass clarinet, plus the pulses, the rhythmical scratching of a DJ and, of course, dance itself, go into creating an exceptional composition.
...Joint scenes full of symbiosis, full of contrast and wit, snake-like or puppet-like movements, become an ambiguous mirror for their relationship.
This danced story is sustained by the tremendous energy of the music. By the explosions of sound, rhythmical groove, or clusters played by the pianist, and by the clarinet going wildly off-piste, sometimes snarling or roaring, playing with the tapping noise made by the keys or unfolding in quieter passages into the expanses of space. .... Fascinating and stimulating.



(c)Christiane Setz

production : Mendora/Yui Kawaguchi and Bregenzer Frühling support : deutsch-französisch-schweizerischen Fonds für zeitgenössische Musik / Impuls neue Musik co-production : fabrik Potsdam(Program Artists in Residence) with kind support by : Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf